W omen empowerment events are growing in numbers which is exactly what we need to solve the Gender Diversity & Inclusivity global crisis. We have come to master the art of real talk & inspiring each other. The focus for us this year is around creating a space for business connections. We want to connect you with female leaders in your industry who will share actionable insights with our attendees.

We want the event to be enjoyable but also worth the time away from your family and business. We have partnered with Steyn City to elevate our women empowerment experience. We will have a DIGITAL BUSINESS CONNETING TOOL that will match powerhouses and aspiring women in business with other ensuring there is complete value in the time spent at the event. We believe that this element allows us to have a unique selling proposition against all other women events happening this August. Most events are about getting together and just listening to other great women without access to connect with someone who is specifically in your industry.

Studies also show that women find it harder to network and make meaningful connections which is why this tool again allows IGC to be the facilitator.

About THE BUSINESS CONNECT activation:

It aims to connect top women and aspiring women across different industry sectors in one to one meetings to be held at the event.(15 min session which will have ice breaker guidance to allow mentor & mentee to connect)e
Although the event will attract top speakers, the need to network is a high priority for the participants attending

With women from corporate, entrepreneurship, woman empowerment and media within multi sectors, the matchmaking of individuals to search, target, meet, connect and do business is critical in growing women in business.

1 Once registered to attend the event (link to reg), all confirmed registrations will be profiled into the Steyn City Business Matchmaking Program receiving login details to access the online Business Matchmaking tool.

2 Within your individual account, you are able to search, view and target woman that you would like to meet, sending a value proposition for the meeting request

3 Our highly customer service orientated Steyn City Business Matchmaking team will also call you, ensure you have the meetings you require and follow up on pending meetings for you

4 Our team will also be onsite to ensure meetings are taking place, follow up on no shows and assist with adhoc onsite meeting requests

 To get the most out of this free and powerful Steyn City Business Matchmaking Program – purchase your tickets as early as possible. The success of your meetings depends on your early bird registration.